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  • răcitor de apă pentru sudor laser portabil
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Data : aprilie 22, 2021
Stare : Nou
Garantie : Da
Locatie :Romania


SKYPE: teyuchiller


Tel: + 86-20-89301885

Fax: + 86-20-84309967

The RMFL-1000 air-cooled rack-mounted chiller is specially designed for the 1000-1500W portable laser welding machine. With a dual-circuit configuration, this air-cooled water cooler can cool the laser source and the welding head at the same time. The design of the rack mount allows this chiller to be very flexible and easy to use.

The RMFL-1000 laser water cooler also has CE, ROHS, REACH and ISO approval and is loaded with environmentally friendly refrigerant, so it will not cause environmental pollution. With a cooling capacity of 3400 W, this chiller is sufficient to ensure efficient cooling for the portable laser welding machine.

The warranty for the cooler is 2 years.