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  • răcitor de apă pentru mașină de tăiat cu laser
  • răcitor de apă pentru mașină de tăiat cu laser
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Data : aprilie 22, 2021
Stare : Nou
Garantie : Da
Locatie :Romania


SKYPE: teyuchiller


Tel: + 86-20-89301885

Fax: + 86-20-84309967

Small size with superior cooling performance. These are the features of the CW-5000 small water cooler. It has a temperature stability of ± 0.3 ℃ and a cooling capacity of 800 W. This small water cooler is ideal for the low power CO2 laser cutter. It is manufactured by Guangzhou Teyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd (also known as S&A cooler), which is an industrial manufacturer of water coolers in China.

The CW-5000 small water cooler has an integrated alarm system to prevent the laser system from overheating and circulating. With low power consumption, ease of use, low maintenance and long life, this cooler has become the first choice for users of CO2 laser machines.

The warranty for the cooler is 2 years.